For those unhappy at work or just in general!

Please use with caution!!!

PMSL … lol, the boys at work reckon I can get a bit grumpy at work when things aren’t going well … will have to take this ‘kit’ in with me and prove em wrong. Good one.

I thought that that was the equipment that joggers use from the big toe to the knob or clitoris (and yes I do know what one is!!)…you know…the ones that keep on running but with a horrendus limp at the same time!!!

Today was my first day working in a bike shop, they paid me to talk about bikes (that can’t be right) try on new gear and offered me any product I want a cost I was all day

May need the paper clips for the slow days at the office though… whenever I decide to go back

LOL, I will smiling at work tomorrow…until the paper clips run out!