For Sale - Suzuki SV650S

Selling my SV650S on eBay - link attached.


:crying: a sad sad day…

if i had the cash i would have it and track it!:smiley:

seriously tho how much do you want for it?

is moviestar blue your word for the standard suzuki candygrand blue? or have you had it sprayed in the actual moviestar colour? i know its a stupid small thing, but someone somewhere might complain and then any bids you have get a getout clause to pull out of the deal because you have misdescribed the item…

(ebay muppets alert lol…)

It said Moviestar blue on the can of paint! the Grand Candy is the more turquoise colour - as we found out…

cool - just wanted to check :slight_smile: :smiley:

Oh how bl**dy typical…now i bought a hornet the perfect sv comes up for sale