For Sale.... Red/White GSXR600 K7


Due to a change of direction next year, I am no longer goingto turn my road bike into a track bike so it is for sale. I had startedto sort a few things already which actually make it a better road bikeif you wanted to keep it as that.


Fullservice history, including a main dealer service booked in next week sowill come just serviced as not currently using the bike.

MOT till May 2012.

Tax untill Feb 2012

Original supplying dealer book, two keys, user manual and reciepts etc. A good honest bike.

11,000 miles.


The bike is completely standard apart from the following additions:

  • R&G Tail Tidy
  • R&G Crash Bungs

-Complete front brake system - comprising of Brembo RCS adjustable ratiomaster cylinder and lever, 2006 R1 4 pot radial gold spot calipersconnected up via HEL custom length braided lines and a set of BendixMMR pads. All in this cost me £500 and was fitted to the bike twomonths ago. This is an awesome set up, great feel and good stoppingpower. Have done 3 track days including silverston GP and not an ounceof fade anywhere.

  • Crescent Suzuki adjustable rear sets. Thesewere £375 from a dealer, and are a real qualitty bit of kit! The gearchange feels a lot more positive, and they look great. Only put on amonth ago so in very good condition as pictures show.

  • Clearstomp grips, and I did a decent job of fitting (although not perfect)so there isn’t tons of air bubbles making them look crap!

  • Acrylic headlight cover, great for track days as covers the headlight and goes on via 3M velcro tabs.

  • I also have the pillion seat and pegs


Thisis a stunning bike, and has never been dropped. Being a rare colour itgets a lot of attention and there really isn’t anything that lets itdown. There is a few small stone chips as you would expect of a bike of11,000 miles but nothing worthy a picture or that detract from a veryattractive good condition bike.

I am putting on a new reardunlop sportsmart so will be brand new bar and the front (also sportsmart) is good to see out another rear - done around 4,000 miles)

Thechain has plenty of adjustment left, and sprocket is fine. If I waskeeping it I would put on a +1/-2 set up as the gearing is quite tallanyway.

The bike is located SW London, isn’t being used and bythe end of next week will be serviced, new tyre and ready to go. I amselling at a reasonable price and letting the new owner keep thegoodies that I could easily fetch my money back on so price is alreadymy final offer.

The pics…

If interested PM me or better still pic up the phone and give me a call 07850569726

PRICE: £4400



firstly, appologies for the way that reads. My space bar isn’t broken - it was copied and pasted from another forum and joined up all my words!

secondly, please keep this thread about this bike for sale not a guessing game as to what I might get or why I am getting rid… thanks x

what are you getting and why are you getting rid???

I never understand the desire to keep the thread to just the sale of the bike, most people will probably PM you if interested and if no-one talks about anything else, you will just have to bump the thread yourself constantly like a nobber.

Might as well let people ask you questions, talk crap and generally chew the fat about the bike…at least it will keep it near the top of the rankings for awhile so that everyone can see it! :slight_smile:

Great pics Leon, awesome bike too :wink:

fair point kaos, hadn’t thought of that! I am getting rid as I was going to build it into a full blown track bike, £1k suspension, quick shifter etc but have decided to buy a ready built race bike instead.

Ahh see I thought you were going to become a supermoto nobber! Glad to hear you still going for the sports track bike.

Some lovely examples around. You a member of Gixerjunkies? Sure I saw a nice one on there recently.

Jay is also selling one, but its an SRAD so not sure you will be interested.

no im not, if you are could you kindly copy and past this advert on there for me? :smiley:

Not allowed. I could sell my own bike there as I am a VIP member, but can’t sell bikes for others according to the rules.

If you put it on Ebay I can link to it, as a bike for sale by someone I know, but can’t post adverts up…the difference?

Wish I knew :stuck_out_tongue:

fair enough. here is the ebay link. I am on gixerboyz but have to have 200 posts to post in for sale! so silly

Oh look what we have here.

Thought you loved your red/white GSXR? you banged on about it enough.

lol makes me laugh.

I suggest you HPI Check it people. Can’t be to careful can ya

How ya doing Leon? Hows tricks? :laugh:

popcorn at the ready

Yeah come on Rudolph, You shook the Moto-Kings cage. Lets get the show on the road.

Know one wants your Rudolph the red nose Gixer.

Blue is the colour. Football is the game. Your more into netball cause deon is your real name.


we’ll see… HPI check away, even pay for it on my work phone for ya if your interested in the bike? or is the imaginary garage full?


You can try and trigger me but your never figure me out. :smooooth:

I think its gorgeous in red so much nicer than the “common as muck” blue and white:Whistling: and cannot believe your selling it Leon…but whoever fitted that tank protector wants an eye test lol:P

I got to said Im interested…but need to spk to my insurance company first…:w00t:

That mean you getting rid of yours YoYo? That was gorgeous when I saw it at PJ’s BBQ and Suspension day.

Done for you Leon!