For sale Protector security chain (not Almax)

Hi i am selling my Protector security chain(16mm thick, 1.5m long) with the Squire SS65CS Lock.

This is a similiar chain to the Almax chain with the same padlock.
I am not 100% sure but i think these chains are even made by the same company as the Almax ones.

Its about one year old but i was using it outdoor only for 4months and now its just sitting in the garage. There is nothing wrong with the chain or padlock, only downside is that i have only one original key and one copy of the original as i have managed to brake one in a accident.

New one costs £158, i am looking for £110.

Prefer local pick up in Kingston but i can also post it if u are happy to pay for the postage(its quite heavy).