For sale - perf modified Rizla rep project (not prod) 2001

This bike has a lot of love and care under its bonnet (or fairing).

Put together to be one of the fastest things on the road and once that was done the paint job to finish. A lot of money has been spent, in total build in excess of £25,000.

Never been used since completion, the paint has never even been washed!

It’s my girlfriends bike and it must sell sometime soon. It’s been on ebay and biketrader without any decent offers.

Fully road legal, tax 3 months, MOT 8 months.

11,000 miles from new - all road miles, never raced.

hers’s the important stuff…

Yoshi engine mods
Yoshi Tri oval carbon complete system (standard titanium pictured with a pipe adaptor)
Brembo 2 pot rear braking with breaking wave rear disk & 4 pot semi floating disks on front
Yoshi EMS with interface and software
The best bit - Translogic Powershift for quick, clutchless shift
Crescent billet clutch
BST Carbon 5 spoke wheels, look really good
Yoshimura 4 bar fuel pump
Gold sprocket
Ohlins R & T forks FG889
Adjustable yoke and cotter set
Surface discharge NGK plugs
Flush LED front indicators (not pictured)

and a stunning Reynolds number 6 rep paint job.

And more.
Bundle of genuine Suzuki clothing included. Pair trouser/zip shorts, 2 long sleeve t shirts, short sleeve button shirt. All with team logo etc. Medium size/long leg.

This bike is an import and there are slight niks on the paint due to W****** strapping it to the side of a luton. Four winds we hate you!

However don’t let that put you off, it’s been tested and came in at over 175 bhp.

Sensible offers please. We were after £8,000+ but that’s not easy, will take £6,500 but happy to discuss in order to sell. It would be a fun bargain or collectors piece.

May bring it along to Borough sometime. It’s near Leatherhead and viewing can be arranged.

Lou 02079239622 and if I’m not in leave a message with your phone number please.

more pics at and videos available or go to …

to hear the bike running


DSCN1410 2a.jpg

DSCN1409 2a.jpg

I assume it’s a k series thou.

Oh yes, GSX r1000 2001/2002 machine under the blue


DSCN1395 2a.jpg

very nice bike uve gt there, y are u selling it?

My girlfiends. She don’t know how to do it justice and laid down the law, it has to go. There is no justice.

Nearest she’s been to the wind in her hair is turning up the ceiling fan full!

Anyway I ride a BMW so you can imagine the hash I’d make of it. I mean I’d be lost without the agricultural ‘clunk’ of the bm gear shift, it does keep me in tune with my past life onboard the John Deere tractor I used to drive.

It was her brothers pride and joy and he put his all into it, including his wallet! Defies all logic to spend over £25,000 on something that can be worth, at the most, £6-7,000. Out of interest, and I know you are a knowledgeable higher being, what do you think it may be worth? Thinking of putting it a showroom.

I’d personally like to keep it in my bedroom as it is a stunning looking bike and I’ve always wanted a cafe racer. However I was more thinking of an old Triton or the way my finances are going a Royal Enfield Clubman will be the limit.

Bit of an extreme apart, The Rizla and a Clubman!

imnot to sure on what it would be worth in a show room, to find out something like that i would ask…sean…he works in george whites and may be able to help u ??

You would probably make more by putting it back to standard(ish) trim and flogging all the sexy bits on Fleabay