For Sale: GSXR600 2010 Plate

Adding to site on behalf ofWiget - Anne,

I’m selling my GSXR600 2010 plate

Less than 2,500 miles on the clock,

Just had it’s first M.O.T & yearstax full service history, already lowered (easy to remove if notrequired).
Alarmed and has a race can on it! I have original exhaust too.

Beautiful looking bike well looked after I’ve had it from new.

Looking for £6800.

If youare interested please either message Anne Kemp on Facebook, or PM me (Gem) and Iwill pass on Anne’s number

the attachments haven’t worked so either try again or get them on an external host like photobucket…

Is on the LB facebook page too …

Er Gem…

In order to save Anne loads of frustration and wasting money on ads that nobody replies to can I suggest she looks at some price guides for a 3 year old GSXR-600 like here;

and here

Not sure that the first link is any good.

Told me my 2002 GSXR 600 would be sold in a shop for £4,250. Really? Private good £3,000?

That is realistic. £1,600 for a really nice clear K2 with Low mileage.

I bought my GSXR 600, telefonica in MINT condition, with 20k on the clock 3 years ago for £2,500.

The second link seems to give a more realistic price range. That first one is sh!te.

Kaos your link is an auction with 10 bids & 3 days to go, the true value won’t be realised until Sat’ evening :slight_smile:

Ok that 2002 price might be a bit ambitious which is why it’s better to work out a realistic price using a number of sources and come to a conclusion.

The third place to check is Ebay completed listings of course, that way you can see what bikes are actually selling for as opposed to what they are advertised for.

A bloke I know based his prices on what he’d seen on Autotrader (which is about 80% to 90% trade ads asking top end prices) but because he thought his was low mileage he asked even more than what a dealer wanted (with no benefits such as part exchange, finance,warrenty,ability to return bike and get mechanic to rectify small faults immeadiatley etc).

Result - he spent a fortune on Autotrader and then Ebay ads, insisting on a fantasy price…not a single call in three months!

In the end he became so desperate that he traded it in to a dealer - for peanuts…

HOW MUCH :w00t: Whats wrong with you guys on this forum!! Why do you want so much for your bikes?

Real Word prices please guys and girls

Yes, and this is what is wrong with “the forum” and “the guys” after reading one post (not even taking time to read replays).

Well done, I sense we have a genius here.


Triang – Ross, Thanks for the links will pass them on.

Koas – not up to date with the Gxsr and which k’s are forwhich years. How old is your bike? Going on the details I’ve found this is seemsto be K8 or K9 let me know which one it is?

Gashpotato – helpful comments only please.

Evil blade – Thanks


hey Gem if you let me smash your back doors in again

i might be interested :wink: