For Matt; iTunes runs fine on Windows!

As shown here, it powers just fine on my primary 30" screen. I was using it today as a screensaver as I was working on the laptop (couldn’t be bothered to transfer over the files I am working on). It works so well, I think I fell into a trance earlier watching the pretty graphics…


I’ve just pulled the muscles in my retinas trying to read who’s on your MSN chat

ITunes Rules, mines shared wirelessly as a music server to my surround sound system

But it runs even better on a Mac

Wiggy, I like the sound of the remote speakers malarky, I might investigate. Mo, as if, both run on proper pc hardware now

Used to work and run IT support on macs and thats all they do good is run graphic software and ITunes everything else on them is poop!

That’s foxy, are you mad Thinking that could be anyone else? lol

That screen’s MAHOOOSIVE!!!

I work on macs, and ive used them for past five yrs constantly, and all i can say is


give me a pc anyday

On airport express you can send 5.1 anywhere in the house. Worth looking into

How has a post on a motorbike forum turning to a Mac vs. PC slanging match?

Geez Jay, why would you choose to use a piddly laptop when you have 2 acres or pixels right there? Right there in front of your eyes!!! All those pixels all lined up it pretty little rows! All staring at you all wanton!!

Ahh, that’s right, you’re a programmer - lazy.

Takes one to know one :wink:

If there’s a corner to be cut a programmer will give you a circle!

Mac btw.