Foot pegs

Hi, I was thinking of getting some aftermarket pegs for the rider as my righthand side on cracked. I was wondering if anyone know a company that sold them individually or as a pair. Yamaha want £50 for one! Are all footpegs universal or do you have to get bike/model specific? Cheers inadvance for all your help.

Do you mean just the foot peg or the bracket it pivots off?

No just the foot peg. Is that possible? Basically my right one cracked and there’s about 3/4 of the peg left where I rest my foot so just thought i’d replace both with some aftermarket ones.

Loads on ebay:)

Are these all universal?

They say on them but in general - yes - will all fit - as simply a bolt thru the middle and a spring clip to make sure they stay down.

Looking about £25 pair inc P&P… il try and dig out the shop name of the guy on fleabay i used.

Hi mate had the exact same problem i went for these in the end

Hope it helps.

how about these? fraction of the cost new !