Fooligan can fly......

Well it’s been along time coming but today I got caught out. On the Junction of Buckhold Road and Nevill Drive Close (I think) in Wandsworth this morning a Minicab Driver pulled out on me. He was looking at me and obviousley didn’t register. I had no time to even think about breaking, tried to go around to the front but he kept moving forward and bingo…I was airbourne.

Estimated distance of flight from the Paramedic was 25-30ft, I had the whole neck brace saga and ambulance to Chelsea and Westminster (they have the prettiest nurses so I ask for there given the chioce ;))

The Police were on the scene quickly too and apart from a gorping scooter rider who came so close I thought he may run me over (think he was checking I was o.k and didn’t need anymore help) everybody did their bit admirably.

I have battered legs (not the fish and chip kind) but no breaks, my company Bandit is a write off we think. It was entirely the cab drivers fault of this there is no arguement so I am now gearing up the claim.

Cripes - nasty.

I’m glad you weren’t hurt too badly, though. And at least it wasn’t your own bike…

Geees glad your ok…i had a very near miss with a pedestrian this morning decided to run out in front of me , didnt haver time to brake so swerved round him just brushing him with my mirror!!! :w00t:

Jesus, glad it wasn’t worse !
Get well soon fella - and at least it wasn’t your bike :wink:

That woke you up didn’t it:w00t:

Glad you’re OK Dunk, hope the legs heal soon mate.

It will give you an excuse to a bit of fishing now;)

Ouch. Never nice to hear of an off but always good to hear the man tell the story.

Sorry to hear of your off m8. Heal fast and hope the cab driver learns from this error!

Make sure you claim for all your gear as well as injuries. Rider Support are very good at helping you out.

At least it wasn’t your bike that was written off.

Sorry to hear what happened with the twit minicab drivers, glad your ok and still here with us.

Glad you werent too badly hurt - GWS!!

Glad your ok and no broken bones.

Mate as said before glad your ok! Ill pop over in the week to drop off some grapes and a crossword :smiley:

oh mate will you stop writing off bikes lol

atleast it wont take you aslong to heal this time just find some things to do while your off of work

Glad to hear it’s not serious Dunk, GWS fella and if there 's anything you need give me a shout, I’ll be more than happy to visit if the nurses are as good as you say they are!! :wink:

Ouch:pinch: Hope you get well soon.


Sorry to hear this, lucky you didn’t break anthing, could have been much worse. Hopefully the claim will go through smoothly :slight_smile: Hope the bruises heal quickly! :smiley:

:pinch: glad your ok dude…gald you wasnt on The TL:w00t::smiley:

Very pleased to hear you are okay.

Sucks, doesn’t it, when they look and still don’t see you! :pinch:

GWS … enjoy bath time with the nurses :cool:

bad luck fella!

lest you ok, GWS mate :smiley:

glad you met some pretty nurses - got any phonenumbers :wink:
oh gws too :smiley: