Following Tobi's offer...

If any Lagos bikers are struggling with the heat tonight, just to hot for them, they need to cool off and relax in a nice apartment…bugger off to your own place :smiley:


go and get sunburnt you half-arsed “Londoner” you :slight_smile:

hahahahahahahahahahah! that really cheered me up! :laugh:

I hope you get sunburn on yer japs eye! :smiley:

Don’t worry about the sunburn, can always cool off in the pool :stuck_out_tongue: With a G&T :smiley:

Piss taking aside - am riding out Sunday to the beach, and if it’s anything like today it’s going to be fcking boiling…hope I can cope with it as it felt like I was in a sauna today. All the gear I got might end up getting left in the car…