Flint Hills Scenic Byway....

Would someone PLEASE come over here and tear up the Flint Hills Scenic Byway with me?

Miles and miles of twisty roads through the Flint Hills…and very very lightly patrolled.

It just doesn’t get any better than this…(and just LOOK at that forecast…I want to go have a go right now!)



I’ll do you a swap you come over here and ride the wonderful m25 and i’ll go there and try your flint hills road, sounds like a good deal dont you think?

OMG Greg! that looks sswwweeett OMG!!

Enjoy man

It’s killer fun…almost like having a private race track as the road is in a very VERY rural part of Kansas and lightly travelled, and more importantly, lightly patrolled.

All I need are a few friends to enjoy it with…I’ve had a hard time shaking loose any riding friends since moving here to KS.