Flatmate Nightmares!

He’s 30 - big enough and ugly enough lol

Just had the following response from flatmate:

"I’ll be at home on Saturday morning to discuss.

Please rest assured that I have been been addressing the previous issues of iron (unplugging after use) and back door (pull check) vigilantly.

The front door obviously a more serious issue. I am angry with myself for slipping up and fully understand the risk I’ve put the household in.

Addressing the issue, I will make sure I check and double check before I leave the house every time.

I realise that I’ve used up all my good points with these past issues, but I want to make clear that this will not happen again.

Regards "

Says nothing about bills…

If you film them can you send it to me please :wink:

im looking for somewhere to live :wink:

Are you coming back to London?

By the way how the devil are you Stacy?

i certainly am kev! hence the boomerang comment. Im great thanks :slight_smile: hope your ok, see you soon :wink:

Assuming you keep your own valuables in your own room only, I would treat the door to your own room as your front door and secure it accordingly, with proper Yale and Chubb locks, and London and Birmingham Bars so it can’t be kicked in. And make sure the door itself is a solid one, preferably made of steel.

That way you shouldn’t mind if the main front door is left open as only his stuff would get pinched!!!

The downside is you might have a problem if you accidentally lock your keys in your room, or lose your keys when you’re locked out…

So no one has ever got pissed and left the front door open? Or left the iron on? Or the back door unlocked. What is with the great and good of LB. Relax kids!

Yeah, all the time, but my wife says I’m thepthal tho that’s ok :wink:
PLum, serve immediate 1 month notice if you’ve given warnings. If not final warnign with approrpiate deadline.
Start advertising the room now, start iv’ing asap. Don’t sweat big/ugly, we’re bigger uglier and on call if oyu need assistance… christ pound for pound only the London Amateur Nappy Club (or Sumo wrestlers as they like to call themselves) are bigger…

Tell him one more occurrence and you won’t be renewing the agreement - its as much a pain to find somewhere at Xmas as to find a new flatmate - plus you don’t want to worry every time your away if your property is safe and secure - no suggestion on girlfriend thats not rude :smiley:

You can’t be serious surely, Yale & Chubb locks, London & Birmingham Bars and a steel door!:w00t:

Anyone thinking what i’m thinking?:smiley:

Just bear in mind that if you allow the 6 month clause to lapse, it is gone.

He is then entitled to stay until the end of the tenancy, unless you can show that he has not paid rent.

I am going on the basis that this is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, which 99% of private rents are, when not commercial.

You will have to serve a s. 21(1)(b) (Housing Act 1988) notice on him during the tenancy should you want him to leave at the end of the tenancy, and if at the end of the tenancy should you want him to leave you must serve a s. 21(4)(a) notice, since the tenancy will become a periodic tenancy.

The s. 21 notice must give 8 weeks notice that you are terminating the tenancy, and this must be read as 8 weeks BEFORE you seek possession, this means if you want possession on the 30th of the September you must serve a s. 21 notice on the 29th July (including postage time of 3 days send on 26th July) and the notice MUST end on the day before the tenancy begins, for example if the tenancy began on the 31st of March, then your notice MUST have a date of the 30th of whatever month you wish him to leave, this gets complicated in February, so best to avoid…if it does not conform to all of these rules, it is not a valid s. 21 notice and you will have to start again and give another 2 months notice.

I would boot him while you have the chance, but that is only my opinion based on the number of times I have seen private landlords going through the courts trying to turf someone out of their homes, and found me there representing them and pointing out any number of tiny little mistakes that result in adjournments while the landlords try to fix those mistakes.

Can take months to get someone out if they don’t want to go.


Only fair to give warning if you haven’t already - but with a strict proviso that this is the last chance.

He has said he will not do it again - whilst the issue has been raised clear all the air and have a frank discussion about ALL problems including bills - get his promise verbally as well and leave him in NO doubt that you are serious and will
not be giving in to him if he does it …he’s out!

Flat sharing is a business really - you sign contracts,make commitments and REAL money changes hands, their is no room for fudging issues and sentimentality.

My contracts are much simpler . Living arrangments may be terminated at any given time with no notice :smiley:

It’s a no brainer Plumb

New tenant on a 6 month tenancy trial, I’d expect to experience his best behaviour during that period and if that behaviour falls below expected standards then it’s end of. Treat him as if he was a new boyfriend, you notice all the best bits at first then reality sets in and you’d be giving him the elbow.

Sooner the better.

I take it he is included on the official Tenancy Agreement. If not then there’s not a leg to stand on as you’re be classed as sub-letting.

As for locks on internal doors - That’s a No! No! HMO will not be amused. :slight_smile:

Bin him, trying to F-off the bills would of been enough for me.

I’d have given him notice already. When I lived in a house share we had a guy living with us who thought it was ok to cook food and leave the kitchen in **** state, bring random strangers (and we’re talking whole groups!) back from nightclubs to carry on partying, and generally just acted like he was the ony person living there and refused to clean up after himself. Needless to say I eventually lost my temper with him (I may have actually lumped him with a maglight) and eventually he was told to move out as he wasn’t welcome anymore. :crazy:

The bottom line is that a housemate should respect the other people they live with, and value their security as much as their own. He quite clearly doesn’t give a monkeys toss about your valuable items, or the security of your property. The main thing with all this is that you also live in an area that is quite bad when it comes to burglary. It’s not even like they have to try if your door is just wide open! :satisfied:

Play it safe, and get rid! :wink:

i feel for you, as ive lived in many house shares and each one had their problems, irritations and dodgy housemates!

its easy for everyone to say show him the door, but its not always that straight forward.

a few steps id do:

  • get lock on your own room (when i lived in house shares anything i had of value was kept in my own room)
  • check with your landlord or agent - usually in house shares you can move someone out and move someone in and just change a name on the tenancy agreement without having to wait till the end of the tenancy agreement.
  • how many warnings have you given the person so far - if its none your prob best to serve him a warning and the consequence if he continues.
  • if you are all on the tenancy agreement you could probably get him to move out - but unless you find someone to move in straight away you will likely have to make up the remainder of the rent (unless the rooms are rented out on an indivudal basis by which the landlord takes the risk of having rooms empty)

ive lived in many house shares but usually ive been the one to get up and leave as the remainder of the household was set in their own ways - and towards the end ive ended up eating dinner, watching tv etc in my own room - effectively living in a cell

good luck