Flatmate Nightmares!

So our current flatmate moved in on July and the terms of the contract state a 6 month break clause. With this in mind what would you do on the following situation:

-Front door left open on numerous accounts (looking at 3/4 times)

-Back patio doors left unlocked (4/5 times) on occasions simultaneously with the front door being open!

-Iron left on while standing on wooden surface

-Incapable of sorting electricity and gas bills, sometimes trying to avoid payment

  • ‘over enthusiastic girlfriend’ :sick:

Already sent a ‘we are not amused’ email and have said we’ll have a chat about it. Do we:

a) show him the door (lol)

b) last chance before showing the door

Sounds like an idiot. Best get shot before the doors are left open and bike keys going missing.




What’s the point in showing him the door? He obviously doesn’t know what it’s for anyway! :slight_smile:

Final warning time at best I’d say, preferably kick him out. His selfishness is not just leaving you open to theft of household possessions & bike, but with no forced entry the insurance will likely not pay out as well!

They won’t pay out.

I got burgled several years ago by someone who had a key to the door (previous tenant I believe) insurance refused to pay as the flat was not secure.

Yeah am aware of that, work in the industry unfortunately :crazy: but have previously advised we would take legal action against him if it did happen.

Flatmate wants me to go with last chance.

We wouldn’t be able to get him out before xmas anyway although makes me proper paranoid about being away for xmas!

Get rid as soon as.

Give the girlfriend a ball gag and make him leave his wallet and keys by the door

Install high def video camera in his room for the over enthusiastic gf.

Threaten to publish vids unless he shapes up.

Kick him out anyway and still publish vids.

She’d probably enjoy that!

Still might do a Smiled and at least get sound bites from it. I can sit in my own room and record it’s that bad!

tell him the harsh truth.

she’s faking it.

that will curb any enthusiasm he may have left.


B - get rid, he’s not only a knob but a fire and security risk to everybody else!

What about those electric dog collars? When they bark it sprays them just convert it to zap her

Kick them out before your house gets robbed or worse burnt down!!!

Hi Plum

I’ve had pretty much the exact same situation in a shared house I used to live in… One guy leaving his electric heater on all hours, not locking the door, booting it in at 3am when he forgot his house keys, robbing food, dodging bills, behind on rent etc…

We had strong words with him and kept him in the house until the end of the tenancy as it would have been too much hassle to find a new housemate, the remaining three of us would have had to cover his share of the rent… None of us got our deposit back at the end of the contract due to his unpaid rent. The lettings co were threatening court action but it never got that far luckily…

I’d get rid of your chap as soon as possible. Just get rid.

That seems a little more severe than my situation and so more than sympathise with you there! Just remembered another thing he does…forgets his keys and then demands either I or flatmate returns to flat to let him in, never considering we might be out of town or busy!

If this baffoon can’t remember his keys and locks himself out on a cold wet night - don’t bail him out, let him stay there - he’ll soon learn the hard way or if he kicks the door in, make sure he gets the bill!

You really do need to get rid of this cretin!

I’d get rid. With the situation as it is it is not likely to every return to a harmonious living arrangement and at the end of the day that’s all anyone wants. There are plenty of people out there that cna play by the rules. You have to put up with such things at uni but once you’ve moved past that you shouldn’t have to tolerate it. Bill dodging is the worst, it’s like they feel they have some sort of sense of entitlemet. As for the girlfriend, again, that’s fine at uni, kudos even but not in a house full of professionals.

If you can afford to have the room empty whilst you find another tenant, give them notice. You could discuss it, but only if you think it would change things - and I’m sure you’ve made polite suggestions up to this point without effect. Your quality of life there is just as equal as any other flatmate and should not be subject to detrimental behaviour.

He sounds incapable of living with other people in a shared environment. All this is going to do is make you anxious about when the doors going to be left open / place set on fire.

If you have a chip pan hide it…

Take advantage of the 6 month break clause. You’re on good terms now but who knows how that might change if these things keep happening - add the bills and it’s just to much stress. You’re working hard on your won stuff without having to worry about something that really shouldn’t be happening. If he’s old enough to rent a room he’s old enough to play by the rules