Does anyone can recommend a mobile tyre repair/replacement working the west London Area? I have called Mike from Rubber ranch but as he now lives in Kent he is going to cost me lots…
Any idea welcome…

Someone told me earlier that the RAC do it. I never knew, and been a member for years. Useful if you are .

you considered picking up a £20 repair kit (plug type) from your local bike shop, plugging the hole and then riding the bike to the tyre shop for proper repair/replacement. You can then keep the kit under your seat and never have to worry again, well atleast until the glue dries up or you run out of plugs.

I decided to buy one after 3hrs sitting at the side of the road waiting for the RAC to turn up to fix my last flat

I’ve seen a van outside Ace a few times that brings tyres for the stunters… Not sure if they do a fitting service but took the number down just in case of emergancy. SOS 020 8807 9003

ATS have a mobile service but unfortunately it seems not for bikes.

Try a company called The Cavalry on either 08009567594 or 07974260311.

A couple of the guys I work with have used them and said they are pretty good.

Got RAC so they r going to take my bike to the tyre shop of my choice. So know the question is what would b a good tyre shop/fitter in the Ace cafe area (I need Pirelli Super Corsa Pro…)