Flat battery (twice in a day) then ABS light on then ABS not working at all Vstrom650

Hello all,

Yesterday I left my parking lights on after leaving the bike parked then after work the battery was completly dead, lucky for me there was a recovery van waiting for another bike on the parking bay, the guy offered to jump start it. I ride to lidl, do the shopping and when leaving the car park I stalled it, the bike wouldn’t start… I wait two hours for the RAC van, he jumps start it again, I ride around a bit then go home. This morning I noticed that the ABS light was on constantly. To my surprise I find out the the ABS is not working at all and I am now able to skid when pushing the breaks hard, any clues? It sounds like an electric fault to me… ideas welcome.

Did you try a power cycle? Or is it maybe as simple as a fuse?

Ah power what? Explain like I’m 5… I’ll check at the fuses, maybe I fried one after the jump starts… Another theory is that the battery is fucked and not producing the required amount of power to run everything. I’m getting a new battery just in case

second non-start is probably due to the battery having not charged enough after the first non-start.
go for a long run to charge it up.

and yeah, check the fuses.

if the battery is fuked don’t matter what you do it wont hold a charge & could play tricks with the ECU
charge the battery properly then check it
if the ABS up the swanny on you should also get code come up on the dash

Not sure if it’s the same for bikes, but in my old car whenever alternator would stop working and battery was about to die, first thing which was going off was ABS. So when I would see ABS light, I would know that my journey will end soon :slight_smile:

Edit: looks like bikes need a lot of power for ABS as I thought http://www.stromtrooper.com/v-strom-service-maintenance-questions-discussions/99945-need-help-troubleshooting-abs-light.html

If you are anywhere in SE area, I’m more than happy to lend you battery charger.

WildBoy… “It sounds like an electric fault to me”

Yes, it sounds like a flat battery to me :wink:

BTW. why wait for RAC, it’s quite easy to bump start most bikes (it’s not a huge Harley is it?)

WildBoy I’ve got my battery charger with me if you’re going to BM tonight?


thanks all for the advice, @MikeDerBike, trust me I tried to bump start it several times, and a few guys helped me on the car park and there was no way. It´s not the biggest bike, but big enought 220 kg with a full tank (and it was full).

The guy from the RAC checked the battery etc and told me that it was not delivering the power it should, and that the cells of the battery could be damaged. aaaaanyway, today after BM the abs light went off and all was back to normal, so it seemed that when power is low, all the non essentials shut down.

I´ve ordered a new battery, and the 24K service is due on the 3rd of October.

Gaving, cheers for the charger I´ll try it this weekend, or if the battery goes flat again until the new one arrives. Much appreciated.

Power cycle is a stupid way of saying have you switched it off and on.
Have you tried a power cycle? = I suggest switching off and on but I’m too vain or retarded or overpaid to say so.

ABS light on this morning again…

@yourbarred I’m going with retarded, by process of elimination :blush:

If the battery is fucked then however good your charging circuit is, you’ll probably still have issues and you’ll definitely annoy the ECU.

So get a new battery in there (or borrow one for a bit) and check that the charging circuit’s working. I wrote a bigger post for one of me_groovy’s problems a while ago that I can’t find with the nascent search box, but for starters see what the voltage (set the meter to 20V DC) is across the battery with the engine off, the engine idling and the engine about 1/3 of the way through the rev range.

Me too Changyammi, and I apply it to myself when I’ve been known to say it!