Flash To NIP Ratio?

Evening,I was busting a gut to find Colliers Row Roundabout this morning - came through the Rotherithe Tunnel and back along the A13 - went too far and ended up at Lakeside!

Whilst heading back along the A13 I got flashed by a big square yellow boxtype jobbie.

My brother in law reckons those ones don’t often result in a NIP - but he’s a country bumpkin - what’re people’s thoughts here?

Also, being on L Plates, if it does come through, is that an automatic retake of my CBT or can I beg a Speed Awareness Course???

If worst comes to worst, it ain’t the end of the world - I’d just like to know what to expect :smiley:

If I do have to do my CBT again, I’d like a Smiled Membership Number for not taking it to heart


Whether you get an NIP or not is in the hands of the gods. If the camera was analogue there could have been no film in it, it may have been set off by traffic on the other side of the road, or it may have been miss calibrated. Just tear your hair out for 2 weeks and if no NIP arrives then you are home free. If it does then just put it down to experience.



Cheers Joby - that’s what the brother in law was saying - about them being analogue… Fingers crossed then…

hehe… Garrett - you been watching too many Carry On films? :smiley:

Is that possible!? :wink:

Re the loss of your provisional license and retaking CBT stuff, do you have a full car license? If so, and you have had it more than two years, then the learner/newly qualified points rules don’t apply to you.

If you have not a full-license two years then the six point rule runs from when you first go your first full entitlement.

If you have no full entitlements, just provisional entitlements, then unless you get six points, nothing happens. If you get three points, then another three points within two years of passing your first practicle test, (giving you six points on the license within two years of passing) then they can take the lot away and you have to start again with the CBT.

This is why it is so important for learners to display L plates and to not cut them down. If you do, and you get stopped, you could end up with 2 points per plate - 4 points, and be over half way to losing your license, before you even pass a test!There is one bit of good news though. If you had a car and a bike license that were both less than two years old when you got six points. You lose both, but you only need to pass one of the tests to get both back. Aren’t DVLA generous?http://dvlaguide.co.uk/index.php/dvlaguide/newly_qualified_drivers/

where abouts on the A13 is the big yellow box? i go that way everyday and havent seen it, and i constantly go a ahem enthusiastic along there. to the point of having a nice man in a cage booging with me, i provided the music he provided the blue flashing lights the other day.

The yellow Boxes on the A13 are predominantly analogue - they are also used a lot…i.e. they make a lot of cash, being analogue however the film runs out quickly and they become more sensative after the film has run out. No idea why they become more sensative, its just what the Fella at Essex Police said to me when i enquired about a little scare that i got recently!

Cheers Giuliano - I know I could have looked it up but with a resource richer than google on this forum, I get a bit lazy at times :DI never had a car license and got my provisional / passed CBT in January this year, so will wait out what happens this time and will have to be a very good boy from now on :wink:

Dagenham - near the Ripple Road flyover, I was heading West.

Fingers crossed that being a Sunday, it was empty and wasn’t replaced :smiley:

Thanks to everyone for chipping in - much appreciated.

if it’s the 50 before the Flyover, it’s a new one and digital(AFAIK).

if its any of the 40’s after the flyover I think they are all analogue.

Should have come off at Goresbrook and followed the heathway all the way up onto whalebone lane and up to Collier row. could’ve come said hello, I’d have shown you.

Hehe… you see, the trouble is, someone gives me simple directions like that, but once I’m on the bike, it translates to:

Should have go on to Wherewook? and followed the Whoway? up to Whichbone What?

by which time I’m in Lakeside wondering How The Fishface Did That Happen? :smiley:

Is it just two weeks you have to wait to hear the outcome? I thought they had longer to send out the letter?

I got flashed by the same camera this twice in one week last year but it was speeders on the otherside of the road that set it off both times. What’s the chances? Luckily still got a clean license! :w00t: