Fitting USB sockets to a sports bike

I couldn’t find a previous post, has anyone had any right ideas to fit a USB socket to a sports bike? - Specifically for a CBR600RR.

I have limited space on the bars which has been all used up by the oxford grips.

Place it behind the fairing at the front with the electric wires.
Just make sure you get a decent waterproof one.

I’ve had this one for 2 yrs now with no issues.
I just reach down, plug my charger and connect it to my phone.
Am a all weather rider.

Just make sure you wire it to your ignition so it does not stay live forever.

I have the Optimate TM71 connected to the battery, with a couple of inches hanging out by the front of the seat. I connect the Optimate TM78 to it which give me the cigarette lighter socket. Into that I plug the 4 port USB adapter giving either 2.1 or 2.4 amp output from each port. All of that goes nicely in the Baglux Tweety bag, with other junk, such as note pad, puncture kit.

I’ve been running this on my last four toys.

The Tweety is one of the smallest bags in the Baglux range, and did not obstruct my riding at all. Here are a few pictures of it on my previous toys:

Where you put is less of an issue than how you put it. Any accessory should be wired in via a switched relay such as a 40A SPDT changeover relay triggered by a switched live that has an amp or two spare capacity. For multiple accessories you can run separate circuits for each off one and the same relay creating an accessory loom. Obviously the relay needs to be protected by its own fuse as does each of the accessories. Ignition off accessories off, ignition on accessories on, proper job.