Fitting new wheels

It was all going so well, yeah rite… Everytime i think it will be sorted sumat else pops up.

The back fitted no dramas without anything needing doing…

The front well… First there was the matter of getting a spindle that fits, this was all i thought id need to be sorted, well thats what it looked like anyway. Was told there is a kit you can get so you can use the wheel spindle that is ment for that whell… bonus i thought. Got the kit and low and behold when i went to fit it the spindle was too big for the sleeves.

Solved this problem by getting my mate to bore them out abit…

Problem number 2 which i didnt think about at the start was a spacer for the speedo drive which you get on the Duke wheel… Easily solved get one off the shelf from KTM…

On the third time trying to fit them i realised the disc is 10mm bigger and wont fit with my caliper… Thought easy solution was to get a bracket but hey you cant use the bracket with my caliper so that went out the window… Then MD pointed out on his he got a spacer which his 310mm disc fits onto. Managed to get one for mine and guess what, there is about a 6mm difference between the size of his hub to the size of mine yet the wheels are for the same bike, there the same shape but they are 2 different makes(BBS/Brembo)

I decided to buy a Duke caliper and get a bracket from someone on another forum so it would fit the 320 disc… Well come to fit it today expecting it all to be simple… Yep you guessed it still aint fitted. For starters there is knowhere to put the speedo sensor so i have to make sumat up myself, which it does say on the instructions the guy gave me but he neglected to mention that when i was buying the bracket. Number 2 the caliper actualy needs spacing out from the bracket which is something else he neglected to tell me, it does say in the instructions you need a couple of washers to space it out but umm its alot bigger a gap than that.

So still no luck having them fitted, they are proving to be more of a pain in the ass than i thought they would… I will have them fitted by the end of today even if it kills me. May not be exactly how i want them but that i can sort another time as there is lots still yet to do to the bike to get it looking sweet again

sounds like i’m in for the problems:hehe: i’ll start mine over xmas break:)

Well mine are fitted now, not perfect yet but there on and i can use it. Lots more still to do on the bike though


i’ll bosh some up on the weekend when ive cleaned the bike :w00t:

The bits from the NEC did the trick then? good to hear :slight_smile:

That was just the crash bung to fit the new spindle

You’re right… I’m being a muppet. For some reason I thought you’d bought other bits for the bike as well at the show… must be the lack of sleep catching up with me :w00t: