Fitting an Ignition on an Off Roader

Has anyone ever fitted an Ignition to an Off Roader?? what benefits would i get over not having one? a theif will take the bike regardless if it has one or not!!

Is it a big job?? what is involved??

good question after last night!!!

I think the riot was just locked up. No ignition per se just a switch.

I’d probably just stick a relay in the live off the battery and switch that, mostly to make it easy to undo. You could fairly simply switch the starter relay, though, if that’s all you’re interested in stopping.

Personally, I replaced the key on the WR with a button because it’s not really any less secure, and I lock that up whenever I’m not on it anwyay.

Is there any real benefit of having the ignition other than stopping some scrote jumping on it and firing it up in a petrol station as i’m paying for fuel? that is my main concern

there no real advantage fitting an ignition switch unless you have a steering lock 

As all it is,is a glorified switch with a key you would be better off fitting an imobilzer or some kind 

And make sure you chain it to something when ever left 

you could always fit something like a dead-man’s switch? simple enough for petrol stations etc…

It is just petrol stations im thinking of to be honest 

The reason for off roaders not having a key is that the key cannot fall out in an off or vibrate out when covering heavy terrain. Who remembers Alex Gold’s off when the ignition key went AWOL?

So some kind of immobilizer is probably better then 

That or tether the key to the bike or your jacket with something similar to a disc lock reminder cord. Although there’s risk of damaging the key if it ever makes a bid for freedom or even damaging your helmet if the key finds itself flaying about in the breeze :wink:

Would a Xena disk lock not be better all-round.

Would this work???

@Joby, i do have a disk lock but i just know i would get complacent and just think “oh it won’t matter if i don’t put it on this one time” and that will be the time it gets knicked when i’m in paying for fuel!!

A cheap imobilizer will be on all the time so will do away with complacency

I wouldn’t really be adding electrical things to a bike you’re going to repeatedly drop in puddles.

You could make it work, wouldn’t need to fit the siren really. Although personally I wouldn’t trust a sub £20.00 alarm/immobiliser to do what it says on the box and then there’s the Health and Safety issues of frazzling your electrics if it ever fails ;-(

Fair point well made BRS

I’m not fussed about the alarm siren either, it is literally just to stop it being fired up, i could just pull the spark plug lead off every time lol

just have a hidden kill switch. Someone on the ktm forum makes one. Can’t remember who.

Cool, i’ll look into it