Fitted Racetorx Gear Shift Support on the Panigale V2

I’ve had a few false-neutrals now at the track during braking, and that’s not cool. I’ve missed the corner and run off track once, but thankfully only onto more tarmac. Apparently it’s a known issue with Ducati Panigale V2’s - the gear shift output shaft is not as supported as it could be, introducing a bit of flex which can cause a less than solid feel at the foot, causing the not quite solid transition to the next gear, but into neutral instead.

Racetorx make a output shaft support that seems to be pretty popular in racing. It costs about £100 and I’ve just fitted it and will take it for a test ride tomorrow, but it feels pretty solid from the static tests I performed.

It was a bit fiddly to fit, but only because there’s no instructions, just a single small photo and I made a mistake with the alignment, and had trouble removing it to re-align it. Once re-aligned, it was perfectly fine.

The OEM gear shift mechanism.

Not having a lot of fun at this point as I realise a part is out of alignment and I have difficulty getting the support back off, and yes, hammers were involved, but nothing was damaged, and in the end they weren’t needed, just needed to find the right technique.

Installed (the black thing).

Hopefully this will create a more positive gear change between 1st and 2nd.

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I looked at the photos before reading and my first thought was: ‘there are a lot of hammers in that pic’.

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I tried to use the claw to pull out a make-shift bolt and washer that I’d screwed in to the item to try and remove it, but it turns out I didn’t need to. Worked that out after 20 mins of huffing and puffing :slight_smile:

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Test ride complete. The shift is SOOOOO much better! Feels super solid, very mechanical, no soft play in it. Feels proper GP now :slight_smile:

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