first off roader

so im potentially looking to buy a first off roader ie crf 250/rmz etc, what would you recommend, and anyone have any priced up below a grand?

As in not road legal? Or are you after somthing for the lanes?

id personly say get a 2 stroke for offroad/lanes much more fun can pick offroad only bikes such as cr/yz/kx/rm 125s 250s on ebay or gumtree from 500-1000 for sort of 1990s up to 2000ish if its just to mess about on fields with id say get a onroad bike thats be stolen recoverd such as a dt125 or 4 stroke a stolen recoverd klx 250 or something like that there normally cheaper i just sold my offroad dt125 for £200 last week so they are cheaper if you want a roadlegal bike for the lanes i would say get a ktm exc 200-300 2 stroke or a husquvarna wr250 for 2 strokes or ktm exc250-450 or a yamaha wr450 for the 4 strokes

So you`re interested in getting down and dirty.

Well, I have no knowledge of this isoteric lifestyle but wish you well in your chosen path.:ermm:

up the muddy path so to speak:blush:

If you want somthing cheap for green laning that’s road legal I’d look at somthing like a DR 350 I no of an XR400 forsale for £120.

I meant £1200

i was gonna say at £120 i`ll take it lol:w00t:

I hear you take it for a lot less :smiley:

details on the XR moto-k

well you wernt complaining last time bigboi…:w00t: