First MOT coming up....

Okay so my bikes first ever MOT is coming up. Unsure about a couple of things (okay quite a few) so thought I’d throw it open to the font of all knowledge that is LB…

  1. Anyone know a good MOT test centre open at the weekend and nearish Croydon. I’ve had some pointers but interested to know. PTA Shirley is nearest me but seen some negative reports.

  2. As I have a tail tidy fitted and no separate rear red reflector- will the replacement LED rear light suffice or do I need to get a separate reflector fitted. If so do I need to get a bolt-on job or will a stick on one do?

  3. My exhausts are quite fruity and have no baffles in. However they do have the kitemark. Should I be concerned?

  4. The bike has been slipping out of second a bit recently. Seems to be okay until I power it on a bit. Thought it might be hitting rev limiter but seems to be happening sometimes at lower revs?

  5. Could this be a drivetrain issue maybe a knackered front sprocket?

  6. At 12000 miles is it due for a new chain & sprocket anyway? And if so was thinking of a one tooth smaller front sprocket…any thoughts?

Thanks for any advice. :cool:

The way you ride it it’s probably shagged and needs a complete rebuild.

To the questions:

1: No.
2: No. Go visit a cycle shop and buy a cheap reflector and fit it before you go for the MOT. (I might suggest that this could be a temporary fitment and you could take it off after the test. But that would be illegal.)
3: Not too much. If they say they are too noisy, deny it and ask them to prove it. They won’t be able to.
4: The gear box isn’t happy. See first line.
5: It aint going to help that the front sprocket is shagged because of the way you ride the poor bugger. It’s probably long overdue for replacement. See first line.
6: I was thinking of doing the same thing. (Wemoto have the best whole sprocket -1 tooth/chain/rear sprocket deal going) I think it’s worth doing for town work.

Do No.6 and you’ll be able to shag the bike even further and faster.

Thanks OG. There I was thinking I’d be inundated with advice but I’ll take quality over quantity. :):wink:

It’s not lack of interest - nobody wants to argue with him:w00t:

And that’s how it should be.

I concur with OG’s comments, and it also sounds to me like your gearbox buggaroo’d.
Might be worth removing and lubricating the external gearchange controls to make sure when you hoof it into gear, it’s in properly.
Most likely the dogs on the gear are worn and that’s making it jump out of gear.


Technically, you’re probably right, but with Lessismore’s grasp of things mechanical, it’s a lot easier just to tell him “it’s shagged”.

A concept with which he can cope.

Cheeky bastard. I just exude an air of mechanical ignorance to get answers to my posts :Whistling:

Just tends to slip into neutral out of second occasionally and the gear change does feel a bit imprecise sometimes

Hope it’s not the gearbox- sounds expensive. Might well be the change lever.