First evertime stuck in traffic

I always commute round the north circular from north round to Chiswick rounderbout. But today there had been an accident right before the Ace cafe so all lanes were blocked… now this isusually where the bike dominates as you just filter all the way to the front.

Are survey says… iiiiiirrrrrr errrrrrrr

three lanes of traffic all with HGV completely blocking all filtering. I was stuck for about 10mins. even got off the bike to have a look further up the road.
This has never happened in the year ive been here, made realise just how impatiant I am :stuck_out_tongue: Ahrrr well another day in london Ehh :hehe:

similar thing when I tried to get from Elephant along the A4 yesterday - totally rammed - I ended up getting off and walking the bike - cyclist style - along the pavement and the wrong way round an island…

powerpuffgirl (30/07/2008)

Excellent. Get 1 up on the cyclists :stuck_out_tongue:

At least the weathre was nice for it.