First ever track experience!

On Monday i will be riding around Silverstone!! (not sure which exact track) I am getting on all of my colleagues nerves, becuase i keep going on and on about it! Even the guy coming with me is starting to get annoyed!! But i am too excited. :smiley: What makes it even better is i will not be on my own bike so i do not care if i come off! i will be riding a triumph daytona! Not sure if any of you came across the link (can no longer find it) but triumph were offering track experiences on the daytona and road ride on a street tripple or tiger for just £100!

So now that i am annoying you guys with my excitemnt, i thought maybe the pros out there could provide me with a few tips for my first track experience. I have only been riding for a year but feel fairly confident on my er-6f. I am assuming it will take me a while just to get used to the accelration and bracking of the daytona. I will use vanishing points just as if i was on the road but il be trying to hit all the apexs.

Any other useful tips for me?

I think you might be on Stowe Circuit. It’s small, but there are some nice tight bends - it’s second/third gear pretty much all the way (well, it was when I went round there on an R6 earlier this year).

Have fun, dude! :slight_smile: