First crash for my son, No longer a virgin.

7 months accident free, it had to happen sometime.

Piaggio Nrg ped lowsided in the ice, 20mph, hurt pride,hurt bike and sore backside.(Too much power???).

Have you seen the price of the new panels, over £400 for two panels and a wing mirror.

If you know the best/cheapest place for spares let me know.

Have’nt been on much lately, happy/safe New year to all.

Ebay - but they may well be from a nicked and stripped bike.

i miss those days. i chucked mine down the road so many times i stopped buying panels for it. lol

i didnt even have a center stand in the end i used to just lean it against walls :smiley:

Says alot about you riding…make sure your behind me in future :wink:

i crashed a lot of scooters but i dont think there was many who could ride one better. :stuck_out_tongue:

just ask louise brady :cool: