First blurred speedy pic attempt

This is my first attempt at slow shutter on a fast moving object. Taken at the recent MRO meet at Brands. This one is the best of the bunch. Always look for forward to sidecar meets. Any constructive criticism please. Ta



I have to say thats a very clear and excellent picture there fella.

Gives the image a sence of speed and the writing on the side is very clear.

Nice work.

nothing to critisise there chap! Superb picture

Yeah thats a brilliant photo mate, magazine quality… it’s the one’s where the background is clear but the bike is blurry that arent too good :hehe:

I’ve got some of them too!!


Nice framing/composition.:slight_smile:

Nice work! Very good especially as first attempt! :cool:

Those side car boys are nutters too! :w00t:

Very nicely done. Its damn hard to do those pics. I always like the ones of water over rocks but they’re hard to get right as well.