First bikes

Do you ever miss you’re first bike? I never went to bike meets with this one because it wasen’t all new and shiney but i loved it would be nice to have it back for a track bike…

i killed mine:( loved it tho, taught me loads:)




Viggen- Thats the same as my husbands first / current bike… he’s had it for afew years now. Hes selling it next spring to get something ‘a little bigger’! :smiley: Think he wanted to try to keep it as a extra / track bike but we cant afford to have loads of bikes sitting around not being used. I reckon he’ll miss it when its gone. I would take it on for my first bike, I dont think I’d ever be able to touch the floor, even with it lowered! :slight_smile:

Looks nice.

Discounting my 125 Van Van I’m on my first bike. Only had it for a few weeks, I love it to bits.

I’m still riding my first bike, still on a restricted licence until March :doze:

I’m presuming that anything under 125 doesn’t count as a bike that is…

Now this is gonna be my first bike! SV650 red… :slight_smile:

:wink: you will love it! great first big bike:D

Yep, just gotta do the test!! (and pass obviously)!!! :smiley:

I’m already on ebay looking! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

This is 1st (current) baby… Isnt she small… :slight_smile:

she is tiny! do get an SV you will love it, great first bike, had mine just over a year, did start to feel slow on long straights or in company of bigger bikes, but when i was in the mood it would 'KIN 'AVE IT!! and with good tyres they will lean…lean and lean some more…

mine just before she went to teh v-twin heaven in the sky :crying:



Arhhhh, there there!!! :slight_smile: Best to look to the future…! You decided on what you’re having next?? Think last time I heard you couldnt decide between a cbr600rr and r6…? :slight_smile: