if any of you have a real fireplace at home or work or wherever, me and my dad have just been clearing out the garden, taken a few trees down. would be a waste to set fire to it in the garden for no reason, so if anyone wants any firewood then gimme a shout. you will have to collect it from me in south london. Take as much as you want, you may need to help us cut it up tho, have all the tools here.oh yea… did i mention it was free lol :stuck_out_tongue: Also got a 3 seater sofa + 2 single seaters in purple. old but good condition. yours if you can collect. need it gone soon!

Hi mate,
Where abouts are you in Sth London. If the offer is still going I may pop down on Sunday :smiley:

sofa’s up for grabs if anyone wants them? :slight_smile:

Do you know what type of wood it is, please?

Sorry if this sounds odd, but I’ve got some mushroom spores that I want to grow and I need a hardwood log, recently felled. I’m looking for something 18in or so long and 6 in or so thick.


hi mate. havnt got anything of that sorta size anymore! sorry.

Thanks for letting us know, anyway. Hope you get rid of it all soon. Cheers.

cheers mate. i still got a big pile of it so if there is any that size left then ill let ya know!


Glad you found the piece you wanted today Benelli Boy :slight_smile: and cheers for the drink :stuck_out_tongue:

Savoury - Hopefully see you in a few weeks for some then along with Goat! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for that, mate.

When I got home, with a log strapped on the back, a bag of bayleaves (cheers to Mr SMF Senior for that), and a big grin, I think my folks (who’d just arrived from the US) thought I’d gone completely barmy, until I explained the method in my madness.

If my mushroom growing ever works, I’ll put up some pics. Good luck with your bike project.

well good luck growing the magic mushrooms mate! :smiley:

Never mind magic…it’ll be a miracle if I actually grow any (and they’re oyster mushrooms :P:D)