firefox probs

ive downloaded firefox but cant get vids or pics!!! it says additional plugins are requiredto display all media,but when i try it dont let me grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! help!!!

What videos and pictures are you trying to view? Firefox should display most pictures without any plugins.

Also what OS are you running?

well put it this way i cant see none of the pics on lb sheet…vista home prem

You need the Adobe Flash Plugin. Does a bar appear at the top, you click and it opens something else with a ‘manual install’ button?

Hit that, download the exe file and run it.

Failing that, I think this is the link you need -

yep thats it but it still doesnt work i get another box appear and its asif ive got somekind of pop up blocker on it !!!

There is a pop-up blocker in Firefox if thats what the problem is. Untick the box in Tools > Options >Content in the browser bar. :slight_smile:
See if this then enables the Adobe installer pop-up to be displayed.