Fing discusted

my company just did some lunch thing, they bought mince pies from M&S and they were horrible!!


these are not just turd filled mince pies…these are M&S turd filled pies…


:hehe:uck! i cant stand any mince pies!

Ill never be able to get my head round the fact that theyre called mince pies and they have fruit in them :slight_smile:

mince pies from Konditor & Cook are the best I’ve had, other than my own of course :slight_smile:

cheapo onses from sainsburys are real good

Asda’s ones are the best, and they are on special at the moment

Even the thought of those turns me into a drooling wreck.

Best. Pies. Ever.

Ahh that’s evolution for you :wink: Original mince pies, from 12th century I think, were made with minced mutton and fruit.

Over time the meat disappeared and just the fruit was left

rubbish. My mother’s mince pies are the best :smiley: hehe

Thanks buttonmonkey. Im gonna look for a recipe and see if I can recreate the original :slight_smile:

Waitrose delly counter does the best,ive tried them all!

I only buy mince pie`s from bakers or i make my own.

ANYTHING from their shops taste great.