finance payed early, will i be sent the V5 certificate?

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of knowledge i seem to have concerning all matters on wheels,

i recently payed off the full amount i had remaining for my ninja 250 and I’m just wondering if anyone has had a bike on finance before and if they send you the owners certificate automatically or if you have to apply for it or call and request it.

all information is gratefully received, thanks guys

Was it on hire purchase / PCP or personal bike loan? If it was hire purchase then they should send you confirmation of completing the final payment but the certificate of ownership is your V5 so you already have it.

see thats what i thought, im not sure which one it was under but i was paying for the bike monthly, i called the finance company and they said i would get a receipt in the post but i brought the bike in 2012, i figured they were keeping hold of the v5 so i couldn’t try to sell the bike before the remaining balance was payed?

I always thought that your V5 showed the registered keeper, NOT the owner? So I would’ve thought that the full V5 should’ve been posted to within a few weeks of you getting the 'bike.

No doubt there are more knowledgeable people than me on here who are about to correct me on my assumptions!

I recently realised i never received my V5 for the Monster. Didn’t realise until i paid it off then sold it. I just re-applied and it came 3 days later.

V5 has nothing to do with ownership.,

My bike was bought new on finance, the V5 arrived with the bike before I even made the first payment.

Janey is right, it says on the top of the V5, ‘this is not proof of ownership’ it should be with the registered keeper, ie the person responsible for keeping it roadworthy, taxed and insured.

awesome, thanks guys. i always thought the v5 was a critical part of a vehicle specially if you wanted to sell it, it also made sense for the finance company to keep hold of it (if it was crucial for sale) till i had paid the full amount.

i just got the information straight from the website :
If you don’t have your V5C registration certificateIf you don’t have a V5C registration certificate write to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR giving the:vehicle registration markmake and modelexact date of salename and address of the new keeperyour signature
Make sure the new keeper sends DVLA a completed V62 form to apply for a new registration certificate. Otherwise the police could still contact you if they need to make enquiries about the vehicle.

Once DVLA have updated their records you’ll get a letter within 4 weeks confirming that you’re not liable for the vehicle any more.

thanks again for everyone’s help.


Its also the name and address to which they, the Police, local Authorities, Courtsetc., send the FPN’s and NIP’s to :w00t:

Note company owned vehicles will usually have the company name and address on the V5 as the registered keeper.