Finally, Road safety ad worth watching.

Maybe the drivers of the world will take note, But probably not.

Makes you THINK.

One of the best one’s Ive seen but will the bods in the tin cans take note !!!

I saw it for the first time, on the TV in the Pub, this evening. Actually spilt some of me drink when the bike hit the car. Got all me mates who dont ride to look a bit sheepish.

Very powerful, huh? Made me feel pretty grim… I hope the thought gets through to unobservant/inconsiderate drivers.

Interesting to see some of the responses from the Thumpertalk site in the states when one of the UK members posted the ad, lot of them wish the US government would do the same. Now we need one for those bloody pedestrians with iPod’s who walk across roads without looking!!

Really powerfull video! Passing the right messege!

That should make people think

But I say have a loud can aswell so they can also hear you coming