Finally....Nothing is for sale!!!!!!!


:hehe:So good I had to bid :hehe:

Just pray someone out bits you, otherwise you are going to lose money on that! :smiley:

Well, that is unless you can resell it.:wink:

Don’t worry, if I don’t receive anything I will report him to Ebay :wink:


Oh, I really like that. If the seller delivers you something, then it is no longer the nothing you bid for – only by delivering nothing, can they fulfill the sale – there’s a little bit of genius somewhere in there!

arghhhhhhhhhhhh I’ve been outbid…oh well :cool:

Whoo Hoo! Currently highest bidder! :slight_smile:

It’s got to be worth 16p not to go to Guildford to collect!

Now something is for sale too!

Oh dear god :rolleyes:

gonna out do you and bid 20 p

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

right who was it that just out bid me :w00t: