Finally decided on a helmet!

The joys of shopping for bike gear… so much research, hours spent on the net and finally ordered this! 

Icon Variant Construct - Arrives on Tuesday :smiley:



good choice Icon make some Pimp motorbike clothing 

really good armour too 

@Big_D - Thanks man! I wonder if I should install a WarHawk for it? haha!

@Jax DO IT!!

@TheSleeper - You mean the warhawk? 

yer the warhawk you should get it

looks like it needs a clean

Personally not keen on it, looks like a normal helmet that’s trying to be an mx helmet.

But as long as you like it that’s all that matters

I’m no expert, but riding offroad in Aus, I noticed the peak of the MX helmet tended to pull the helmet back. It was a little uncomfortable at 40mph or so, must be much worse at 70. Though this was a loan helmet that didn’t fit perfectly.

Nice helmet. I love Icon stuff and have had my eye on this for a while. Thanks for being the guinea pig :)

@Von - Yeah I was worried about wind drag at higher speeds and it’s mostly noticeable when you turn your heads but I guess you get a little of that with a regular helmet. 

This guy does a great review on it: 

@Jay - Thanks man, I’ve had my eye on it for ages too but finally decided to bite the bullet. If it doesn’t work out - sell it and buy a regular helmet.

@JAX when you sell it mate go get yourself an AGV. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hear_no_evil:

+1 to AGV

Anywhere in London you can try icon helemts on, thinking of getting an icon Airmada as a second lid ?? my HJC is getting on, 5 years 'ish.

Curious .Have you actually tried one on to see if it fits or just purely based purchase on its reviews and aesthetics

@TimR - The place I’ve purchased the helmet from is fine with sending it back if it doesn’t fit right or a refund within 60 days. As for why I purchased it - because I like it :slight_smile:

@timebandit - Not the biggest fan of AGV helmets, weird shape! Shark are quite cool and I know they fit very well. 

In stock here!/Icon-Helmets/c/965202/offset=0&sort=normal 

Worth a call to make sure and that theyre actually open.

@duncmac3, cheers for that, will head down and check 'em out.