Filthy Barsteward

I don’t normally feel the need to moan about my daily commute but today was extreme!

Coming through Regents Park about 8.30/40am I came upon a red Vespa that was ambling along a clear road at about 10mph, the cars are backing up behind me so I flash him to let him know. The man was a physco!! He comes up alongside my car screaming you fcking cnt’ and more obscenities whilst spitting and snotting all over my car. I call him a physco and tell him to go back to care in the community, oh and tell him his bike is sh*t and he should get a real one (apologies to the nice scooter riders on here). Anyway it’s over is a few seconds and we carry on. He stop at the next lights and starts it all again. At this point I’m thinking he really is in need of medication and liquid is escaping from all the orifices in his face :sick:

It gets to a point where I’m feeling threatended so I grab a pen and paper to take a note of his reg, and get out of the car. The snidy little sh*t then rides off! I was gonna chase him to get the plate but the lights were red and he’s not worth 3 points. Besides my mood was foul enough to do something really really stupid to him.

Sooooo, if anybody knows this knob, he’s a middle aged white man on a red Vespa who rides with an open face lid, you can let him know I take that route everyday and would love to see him again so he can clean his excretions off my car and apologise.


There are, unfortunately, some complete w*nkers about – it was your privilege to meet the King of them this morning.

It won’t be the red Vespa that gives him away to those that look for him, it will be the loooooooong trail of traffic behind him!

ewwww sounds gross, I had that with a cyclist telling me not to stop in the green advance spot. He had a long stringy snot from his nose (obviously) down to his chin! Was quite gross. :w00t:

Sorry about your mishap… those scooterists are the worst! :stuck_out_tongue: (lol bring on the abuse)

wat a rude man

best not to interact with him again if u do see him. that way ur car wont get covered in his bodily fluids

I come through regents park every morning and think I’ve seen him …will tell him hello for you

What time do you normally go through and what are you riding? Maybe our paths have crossed :slight_smile:

Oh, and please do say hello to my new friend but make sure your wearing waterproofs.

Frogga, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to ignore him if I see him again - I’m a woman so I love to hold a grudge, lol.

That’s proper nasty, that is. :frowning: Some people are right nutters, aren’t they.

If you see him again at least you can get his registration number.

used to be anywhere between 8:00am and 9:00

but last few months 7:45 to 8:15

Eww thats nasty!:crazy:

I hope for his sake you don’t catch up with him again;)

You’re time keeping sounds about as random as mine, lol. I’m either in a black bmw 3 series or on a red R1, give me a wave if you see me :slight_smile:

ewww yuck thats enough to out you right off breakfast!

what a nutter shakes head

what a [email protected]@…

me thinks i would have had a bit of a scrap…someone would get there vespa inserted into there rectum:D

If you’re on your R1 he won’t see you, it’ll be more likely he’ll feel the wind as you fly past at warp speed!! :w00t:

That was a good way to start the day.

Ha ha, a real wet one eh? Aww, you’re made of better stuff than to let a knob on a scooter get you down girl…now wear gloves when you clean your car !!! yuk !!

Was coming home from work on Weds, over the hill at heathway, lights were red. Took a look to my right at some idiot ADULT on one of those kids motorbikes !!! Not only that but he had a black satchell type bag balancing on the front…so of course when the lights changed, he tried to take off, and promptly hoofed the bike up in the air that spun round on him but being a adult he just stood up and brought the bike back down to ground again, then sat back on it and took off in front of the cars behind him !!! Seriously, its true !!! Where are the police when you need them ??? :w00t: Oh he DID have a crash helmet on…doh ! What is it with these people?? Are we in some twilight zone?


That must’ve looked like something out of a Benny Hill sketch!

really quite shocking behaviour…

I hear Jamie Oliver rides a moped/scooter. You sure it wasn’t him as he likes to use expletives :P:P:P

Did you manage to write down his registration number? I’m sure if you put it up on here someone might offer some suitable words of advice if they see him.