Filtering offside islands legal?

as in, when filtering approaching traffic lights, how correct / legal is it to go really wide and pass traffic islands on the right hand side, when there is no oncoming vehicle leaving a clear way ahead ?

Illegal and only an option for a total twat.

when there is no oncoming traffic and you can see theres not going to be until you return to position in the left lane again, especially when approaching a red light, you dont sit and wait like a twat to go inside small pedestrian islands, why risk proximity to all those frustrated cars, when you can pass the lot no bother.


  1. It`s illegal

  2. If lots of people do it the local authority extend the islands to extreme lengths making such manouvres unsafe for emergency vehicles.

  3. Pedestrians crossing at such islands should not be expected to look out for twats on the wrong side of the road.

  4. Twats die.

The islands are usually put there for good reason, can’t always see it myself but it’s not always for my benefit.

Jetstream’s right, this is a very illegal and potentially very dangerous manoeuvre that is likely to get you into all kinds of trouble.

I find that car drivers that are aware I want to pass at islands generally move over to give me room to do so.

When I pass them I am always aware of the danger of being smashed into from the right by some idiot “off-siding” (that’s the technical term btw).

What it boils down to is - pedestrians don’t expect vehicles to be travelling in that direction on that side of the island.

A child, for example, could easily be running across from between the stationary cars or from the other side of the road. You wouldn’t have time to react.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a child’s death on your conscience for the rest of your life? Ask yourself whether it’s worth putting that life at risk, just to save a few minutes from your journey.

for the sake of a few yards why bother, as others have put so eloquently its illegal so dont do it, bit like speeding really :smiley:

Bikers get killed doing it, and pedestrians get killed by bikers doing it. It is failing to obey a directional sign, counts as riding without care, and can earn you 9 points or a ban and a fine of up to £5000. It isn’t worth it and the Police take it very seriously.

now thats a good answer !!!:wink:

The islands with the big arrow saying KEEP LEFT? Those islands?

Oh, you can do what you like on those islands. They occupy a mystical status, outside all traffic laws, due to them being the place where leprechauns hide out in between rainbows.

And do you know, speed limits are now optional, you can use the pavement if the road’s getting a bit congested, and you can also choose either side of a motorway.

Has your account been hacked? :w00t: You are hilarious today :wink:

It’s not me. It’s one of those stupid moped kids what done it. Kill them all.

they call it offside for a reason!

If filtering I always go as wide as possible, it is safer as you can avoid those cars that WILL suddenly with no warning do a uturn in front of you, try to keep the correct side of islands because its illegal not to, same with solid white lines, you never know who is watching, proberly one of these LBers who answered your original post, they would call the police and the army and have you castrated or something because its so so so dangerous!

Yeah, it’s not big or clever, though I’ll admit to having done it a couple of times when frustrated by idiot car drivers who block you for no reason other than to show their jealousy for bikes whilst being stuck in traffic.

I don’t do it any more, it’s too dangerous and likely to get more than myself in trouble as reasons outline earlier in the thread.

they call it offside for a reason!
– yeah, but noone knows how to properly interpret the offside rule anymore.

Trouble is lots more traffic islands going in all the time. Certainly on my commute there are at least 10 more than 3 years ago. I don’t go round them any more- I admit this is more because I know the police are really hot on this at the moment and I don’t fancy the points. There are some silly ones around though and they can be quite frustrating when filtering as cars often can’t be arsed to move an inch to the left to let you through. This problem will be eased a bit when/ if the bus lanes are finally opened up!


I got caught doing it! Nearly got 3 points and a £60 fine.

Luckily got a £30 fine!:smiley:

EDIT: If you remove your tax disc and number plate its ok you can whatever you want!! :smiley:

I seem to notice more and more cars and vans making room for bikes to pass between them and islands. Of course you need to do this carefully to ensure no one is crossing.

Unless the police are pulling over anyone offsiding down the Highway. :Whistling:

And then you can do anything you like, so long as it is walking or using the tube/bus.