few pics today

warning to wasp ans powerpuff pics contain flesh;):Pa few from today fookin about, trying to get the bunny hops going, i can get a good few feet now from standstill, i practice using the metal bar try and hold it up standstill no feet on deck just before then try and hop over the line where the grassy bits are, nearly there but just not quite rear is landing just short, harder then it looks on tv lol, funny watching my bro trying to ride it as hes not rode anything other then hes scoot lol lots of burnt legs off the pipe i also managed to flip hes scooter too must say really getting to grips with the 4 stroke now, may keep it, very nice to ride when you get hang of it

i want to have a go on one of them:cool:

when you next over dude you welcome

Ahahahahahahaha look at them skinny lady pins:w00t::stuck_out_tongue: (sorry sexy i couldnt resist):smiley:
Now take that frightfully hat off!..you’ll end up bald let the sun get to yer hair;)

i love my benny hats lol you wish you had pins like mine, like the real thing but whiter:P