Few of my pics from BSB

Not that good as Foxy’s but, hey! at least people look like people, not like on Terry’s…





and more…





…and more





Hmm, I think I accidently posted few pics taken by Andrew…

Anyway…some more





Good pics R,

Whaddya mean “taken by me”? Are you suggesting (like the misguided Chris) that I could only look at the lasses?

Really, I’m shocked.

Very nice and I must say I like the shots taken by Andrew

You know you were looking at the lasses though A! ‘Don’t work play’ bird is really HOT!!!

Nice pix btw Rottie, glad you had a good time…


Oh hell yeah! Maybe one day you will decide to join us instead of having “family life”

BTW Hennessy, sorry for my thoughts but on the pic in your avatar you look like you’re posing with someone elses bike on a motorshow or sth like this Or is it just me?

lol, I ain’t dealing on no family life bro, just having a good time with the ladies! lol, u got me scared then!

LMAO, well I was just about to get my lovely baby R6, and before I did me, Kevin (project9928) and another bloke Adam went to Beaulieu Motorbike Show… and this bike was there so thought Id get a pic of me with it as I couldn’t wait to get mine!! Was sitting on it for ages, ppl takes pix thought I was modelling for it, lol… then Adam and Kev wanted to move on so I have to say Bye for now


I’ve been to Bealieu Show this summer! The guy doing wheelies on everything what had two wheels was incredible!

Why U didn’t call me?

yea, that Jean Pierre bloke! Crazy, got a pic below… Yea i was there this summer too. Obviously I didnt know u at the time otherwise I would have done mate!




I still say that Police R1 is a scandal (bit like Hennesey !)!!! They turn up on anything these days!

(not like Hennesey !)!!! They just arn’t playing the game, (also like Hennesey !)!!!

WTF Chris!! lol, u joker! I’m not that bad am I?


I’m just 'avin a laugh mate! No worries weve all been there

Chris, what the heck is that in your posts? LOL…

What you mean these - Pepper Pterodactyl ROTFL Convertible Frankensmiley Captured Good arent they SUPER SMILEYS!

Uh oh, my right hand is developing this nervous twitch, it seems to just want to hit the censor button… must… fight … it…

Go on Jay, succumb to the dark side…

I love those smileys!

Hey, Rootie, I can see we the ‘same eye’ behind the camera eh? Nice pics! Oh, the bikes look ok too!