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Few accessories for the Ducati Panigale V2

I bought some accessories for the bike a while ago, but they have only just turned up, so a trip to the dealer in the rain was necessary, an hour later the guys at Inmoto had them installed (there wasn’t much to do).


  • Ducati Corse grips (softer, grippier)
  • Ducati carbon fibre clutch case protector
  • Ducati Corse seat (seems the same but with red stitching?)
  • Ducati battery tender (Optimate would have been a bit of a pain to fit; the battery is buried in the bike. Much easier to use their own one that connects really easily)

Spent a couple of hours cleaning and waxing the bike today after the rain ride, and re/fitting the mirrors.



What, the cheap (ahem) Panigale didn’t come with a plug for the Optimate (or similar)? My Supersport has one which I’ve used from day one. I don’t even know where the battery is, I believe it is similarly buried deep.

Under the seat was a custom red connector, so nothing I had would fit that. I needed another charger anyhow, I wanted to leave all bikes on charge at once, not have to keep remembering to come in and switch the charger over from bike to bike now and then.

It’s possible Optimate sell an adapter for the Ducati, but I wasn’t that motivated to look, as the last, new Optimate we bought for the GS pissed me off - it doesn’t auto detect when you unplug it from one bike and plug it into another, you have to power-cycle the Optimate, which is a pain for me to do due to where the Optimate is positioned.

So, easier to just to buy a Ducati charger that will work perfectly for this scenario.

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I’ve found Ctek chargers are far superior to optimate.

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I brought an Optimate & gave it away to one of the memebrs on hear
total waste of money