Fernando Alonso X Rossi

Alonso unimpressed by Rossi tests

Alonso and Rossi are reigning world champions.Fernando Alonso says he is happy MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi has been testing for Ferrari as it distracts the team from preparing for the new season.

The Renault driver, who is fine-tuning the defence of his Formula One world crown, has been quick to strike the first psychological blow of 2006.

“I’m glad because that means they have lost valuable time preparing the cars for the show they put on,” he said.

“Let him come and drive. It’s good because there will be more attention.”

Until we see him race we won’t know his true potential, but it will be very difficult for him
Alonso on Rossi

Yamaha rider Rossi, 27, has won motorcycling’s top category for the last five years and has been linked with a move from two wheels to four after several tests with Ferrari.

After a number of private tests, he recently had his first test along with other F1 drivers, and seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher said he thought Rossi had the ability to compete in F1.

But Alonso seemed unimpressed, saying testing was not the same as competitive driving.

“Until we see him race we won’t know his true potential, but it will be very difficult for him,” he said.

"He can do well, because he will be driving a Ferrari, and can finish in the top five. But, from that to winning a Championship or races you need more.

“I could start riding a motorbike and, after three years training, be a second from them, but I don’t pretend that I could beat Dani (Pedrosa) or someone who has been in motorbikes since they were three years old.”

(Credid: BBC Sport)

Are we going to have the same game in the F1? Rossi seems to be cousing some noise there. The Italians are going mad with the possibility of an Italian champ on Ferrari! I have to say that since the death of Airton Senna I have never see another F1 race… If Rossi moves there I will go back with him… but will he?


Yeah it would sure spice things up a bit for sure.

But I’d miss watching HIM rather than just watching a car with a helmet on top.

F1 with Rossi will still be boring as Fook.

I’d rather see him try to win MotoGP on a Ducati or, (I know it’s a big ask) a suckzuki.

Well each to their own.

But a championship where at the start of each meeting you know dam well that the winner is gonna be one of four drivers; and in which the vast majority of overtaking is done in the pits seems a tad dull to me.

Get rid of a lot of the downforce, and get traction from big wide slicks, and it would be a lot better.

I too would prefer Rossi to take the MotoGP challange and try and get Suzuki their second championship win! But the F1 will be good to watch as well. Pete, I’ll let you off with that Suzuki statement, as it’s unfortunatley, factually correct

Jay - I’ve heard a clip of the new motoGP motor running from the garage at sepang - it sounds wicked!

I hope it’s a big improvement - I’d love to withdraw my previous comment based on results!

Pete, but with Rossi staying in MOTO GP is even worse - you know EXACTLY who’s gonna be the winner, not one of four…

Well I have voiced that opinion on here before, only to have several Rossi fans, who have followed racing for about as long as I’ve owned my current back protector to exclaim “It doesn’t matter Rossi is brilliant”.

The difference is that MotoGP is a foregone conclusion due to one rider being head and shoulders above the rest. While F1’s whole tech regs and structure are it’s problem.

And where will your heroes do their overtaking? In the pits!

As soon as they get close to the rear of the car in front they loose down-force and slow down.

I would be interested to count the number of geniune overtakes in a F1 race and compare that to a MotoGP.

BTW - What do you think of A1 Grand prix? I watched some of the racing from Sentul last weekend (it was on Korean TV) and I thought it was more exciting than F1.

The technical changes have been to slow the cars, (not sure they have, has the maximum cylinders change been implemented yet?)

The only way I’ve seen more overtaking last year was when cars were penalised due to changing engines and being forced to drop places on the grid.

I miss Senna’s and Mansell’s time! Badly…