Fenati grabbing brake lever


In the Moto2 race today, Romano Fenati was pissed off at Manzi so grabbed his front brake lever at around 140mph. Race direction black flagged him at once and have banned him from 2 races.

From a couple of years ago, you may remember this is the same guy who kicked his rival and flicked his kill switch after a heated outburst (IIRC the other guy was a bit slow on the racing line).

Fenati is meant to be riding for the MV agusta team next year and rumour is his contract’s being shredded.


Sounds like he got off lightly. That’s absolutely disgraceful.


Wow. That’s something new.


Cock womble!


Idiot. That could’ve been fatal. A 2 match ban is not enough IMHO


Hopefully the paddock will show it’s disproval by no team hiring him and his sponsors dropping him


Shouldn’t race again…


2 race ban is a disgrace.
I have to say though, I loved Cal’s interview regarding this. No punches pulled.


What a fucking twat, 22 year old baby right there throwing his rattle out the pram. His race license should be revoked.


Wow, not seen that before! Seen it done accidentally once in MotoGP, but not intentionally!

He’s young, we all make mistakes. As long as he learns from it, a two race ban seems fair to me. Nobody was hurt after-all.


Contract terminated - http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2018/09/10/fenati-s-contract-terminated/271445


Jay, this isn’t his first stupid thing.


Kid does seem to have some anger management issues.


He’d make a great adison Lee rider


He’s been P45’d :+1:


Even better, he’s being summoned to the headmaster’s office.


From what I’ve heard Cal Crutchlow suggested he should be banned for life from racing. I completely agree. What an absolute idiot (Fenati).


He’s decided to retire from racing so the same result.


Decided to retire after being sacked by his current team Marinelli Snipers, his contract for next year for MV Agusta being shredded and none of the teams probably willing to hire him in the future. I’m glad I never had to “quit” a job like that.


In some ways, I feel for him. I wish I had a tenth of his skill and one day, he’ll realise what he threw away.