Feckin insurance!!

Was about to write something pretty bad about these fellas and then they came through for me!

Payout - full pre stated value as bike written off - £3000

Cost to buy bike back £500 (sounds hefty but do -able)

Decision made in 3 days - oh yes - three days from receipt of two quotes and photos.

A little concerned about £500 buy back price but reckon that I could get the parice is I scrapped her?? What ya reckon…

500, too much:P

Everyone I know who did a “buy back” regretted it at some point. Either underestimated the cost or the work. Then got the double insult when they came to sell.

Take the money and run.

have a chat with em’!.
get the price down!.

good luck alice!.

I’m with Old Guy. Take that money and buy yourself another bike unless you have a pet mechanic and sprayer who can put her back together for a few sheckels. It is wrenching but may save you angst in the future.

Buy it Al;)

As I said to you, “Fighter it”:wink:

Bring out the animal in you grrrrr;):w00t:

Depends what needs doing to put it back on the road ? If you fancy riding a cheap but tatty bike and plan keeping it for a while then it could be a great buy, like for commuting in London.If you’re the kind of person who likes a sparkling fresh bike, perfect condition then I’d guess that it’s not worth it, would be happier taking the cash and getting something else.Plus you’ve still got the problem of it being a UK registered bike in Italy or Spain, wherever you are, which will go away if you take the cash :)When I crashed my Triumph they wanted £1250 or so for it, just not worth it, would have cost too much to make it look good again.

I agree with the comments above - only buy back if you can get the bike on the road without spending any significant money. The only by back I have done was when I had a minor collision in my first car - a car came out of a drive and rammed me as I drove past. We had a pet name for the car - “Rusty”. The damage was a torn panel, nothing else - but the panel ran from the headlight to the rear bumper and included the roof. Unsurprisingly the car was written off and valued at £250. I ended up with £200 and £50 buy back. I spend nothing on getting the car back on the road as the accident mearly added character to an already mobile wreck.

In all I bought the car for £400 and drove it for two years, including the year after the accident, and got £200 back from the insurrance company. I did all my own maintence, including changing cam belt, alternator etc and only got rid of the car when the carb and radiator both needed replacing.

Thanks guys but took the offer and in one evening, my super man boyfriend has found scrap parts and put her back together into a fully functinonning bike!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D May have to give him a coupld of hundred euros for parts that he had to buy (mirror, brake disk) and yes, she looks a bit like road kill (!) but she works, shes my baby and I love her! :smiley:

It’s worrying that there were various world disasters going on last night and yet you managed to collar Superman to put your bike back together! :smiley:

So I’m the only one who had faith eh?:wink:

It does help when you know the whole story too;):smiley: