fdu20 indisit undre dubble oven

mrs turnt on the oven to cook to night, BANG:w00t: filcked the fuse, top oven works, bottom oven light & fan works, ellements not, any one got the know in these things, could prob do it but, think its best to aks some one with the know first, will pay:D

I think u hit the nail on the head there. element bust.

go here… http://www.espares.co.uk/

easy peasy. :slight_smile:

just order the element. It’s simple as wiring a plug. the hard part is pulling the rear of the oven apart. Give it a go before calling in a technician or replacing it as you can always send the element back :slight_smile:

Hmm, seems like Jamie’s the man with the plan!

Any idea why an oven would turn on and not heat up then? The grill works, so the element works - I was thinking thermostat?

depending on the oven. my oven has 2 sections. grill and the main oven. there would be 2 elements if it were an electric oven. one can work while the other is bust, much like a 4 bulb light fitting running with 1 bust bulb.

espares mention 2 versions of the FDU20 range. make sure u get the correct one as the elements do vary. Oh and make sure ur sitting down when you see the prices.

White goods spare part prices are rediculous!!!

espares are based in the same industrial estate as my work in battersea

Thanx great help:)

I wouldn’t order anything until a bit more investigation is done. Have a look for a data plate on the oven - model number, name etc then check the internet for a manual with a troubleshooting section. It could be something as simple as an overheat tripping. Keep the manual.

that’s just their depo. I don’t think the offices are there.

he did mention a large bang from inside the oven. pretty sure something’s fooked :stuck_out_tongue:

Simple job, I’ve done 3 or 4 in the past …

Test it first, visual inspection will normally show a defect look for burning or bulging of the element section. If you have a multimeter check for continuity, here’s some links

Have a look here first HowStuffWorks.com CLICKETY CLICK LINKY HERE

Or if you cant be asked to read a Youtubey Yankee

Isn’t the Interwebby wonderful at times :wink:

Thanx all, tested the old one, went down to brentwood to get a new one, in MRS Girly micra, as im not to well, wish i took the bike nagshead road wow, great country lanes,

and the fella in shop had right leg in cast, got hit of his bike, anyways driving home, abit down coz in a car nice biking roads, good weather too, got home fitted the element all works good, Thanx to all your helps, then Mrs said thought id waight till you fix that first, this came for you when you was out. she was right to do so to. I am one not well happy chappy


Sounds like a slip up with the slip ons :wink:

Hope to be well enoth to put em on this weakend, try to do ickle vid&sound before an after.:smiley:

glad u got it sorted :slight_smile: