Fc-Moto help

Hi All
I was trawling the net to find some new boots and fount this site with boots about 40 quid cheaper so I went through the ordering process and got declined
at the security code for credit card part.
I emailed them from they’re website and got no reply so I assumed the sale was cancelled and went and bought boots elsewhere.
Today I look at my card balance and realise they have taken the money but I still have not been sent any invoice etc etc and they are still not getting back to me.
Also I have no order number or transaction code but really want to cancel them
Any Ideas ??

Phone your credit card issuer ASAP and tell them about it - they should help you get a refund.

Something similar happened to me - ordered an Airoh Stelt Easy lid, transaction accepted, money was ‘withdrawn’ by FC Moto, then I received an email from them saying that the helmet was not in stock! :crazy .

I then emailed them to request that the money be returned to my account - no reply, so I called the customer service numer. Eventually, when I got an answer, the bloke who answered the phone gave me the same advice as the Jetstreams’ - cancel the transaction with your bank.
He also said that the money had not actually been removed from my account/ the transaction had not been completed. Perhaps due to a lack of undestanding or miscommunication (at least he spoke some Englisch) eventually told me to call my lawyer!

To be honest, I’m not sure how bank transfers work in detail, but you can ‘negate’ transfers/ refuse to pay the invoice (that your bank receives to your account) or something like that.

I noticed that after 10 days, the price that was previously ‘withdrawn’ then appeared in my account, so there is a good resolution to this story.

Due to the nature of the transaction and the fact that they display items on their website and allow customers to buy them without the items being in stock, I would not shop with them again and ended up buying my lid from Matt Gardinier’s shop on Ebay for around the same price.


I called them gazilion times from different phones to get my £300 refunded. Forget email, call and be firm

Thanks All
Was gonna call them but cant find a number on they’re site