finally got the certifactes yesterday after royal mail leaving a peice of paper saying i had to go to the local sorting office to collect a letter

when i got there they hadnt put any stamps on it so the guy said if you want you can reject the envelope, i told them no id rather pay the £1.66 and im glad i did as in there were the certifactes that i have been waiting for

so if you were on the course can you pm me with your full name so i can get your certifacate to you

sorry for the lenght in time they took to come

but there here now so hip hip horray

Yessssssssss :smiley:

Not long until we have to retake it :smiley:

Thanks for the call yesterday Ginge, see you tonight + mine is the one that doesn’t say ANGELA lol

When was your course? We did it on 8 Jun and have not had them yet - was yours before that?

Last November :wink:

Oh dear!