Favour needed: Van to take little bike to bike shop

My little 125 needs taking back to the shop to fix (won’t start, is under warrenty) - I’m not sure I can fit it in the back of my Saab!

If someone has a pick up or van and can help it would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ask TDJ or ADZ depending on where you live …lol

TDJ is west and adz is south

Adz is your best bet as he’s Dulwich way, depending on if he’s available of course.

What are you offering?

Have you asked the dealer, mine will come and collect the bike for you :slight_smile:

Cheers, I’ll get in touch with Adz.

Dealer won’t pick up - they know a man with a van who can pick it up for £40. I need to shift the thing about three miles.

Push it :smiley: :hehe:

+1 three miles is nothing plus its a 125 or get hannibal to push it