Fatal Accident

The Highway has been closed off, I think there’s been an accident involving a biker.

Anyone know what’s happening ?

BBC travel mentiosn ‘earlier accident’ but no details.

Hope no one was killed…


The Highway, Wapping I presume.

Yeah my mate at work confirmed…The road where the Holiday Inn is.

Something had happened on the Highway before 08:30 this morning, road was closed. It was too far up to see what was involved, we were all being diverted up to cable street. Looking at map, think it was at crossroads (with lights) with Glamis Road.

thats awfull!!!

That’s near where my neighbour works…

It`s never nice to hear of a fellow rider involved in an accident.

Well the good news is my neighbour is ok, but the bad news is that he’s he’s confirmed it at as a fatal… RIP unknown rider


We can of course reduce the risk with Advanced Training. Thats often not seen as being cool tho


Very sad for all involved

Advanced training may not be seen as ‘cool’ but if it can help save lives then I’m in.

I’ve been thinking about doing xtra training and maybe the London Bike Safe training …

Me too. Think I was talking to someone about bikesafe last night.

v sad indeed. RIP

I did BikeSafe. So cheap, loads of fun and I learnt so much in one day. Do it!


Bikesafe. very cheap, great day and a good bunch who run it. Theres no divide even though they are coppers. They come across as fellow bikers.

The observed rides were great. You’ll get along fine if you relax, but obviously don’t put’em in a difficult position by taking the pi$$ with speed etc!

I done it last October at the Ace. Will be doing it again soon.

You can never stop learning and no amount of training is enough.

Im doing one asap, im hoping to book with a few peeps, so pm me if you wanna doit together!

Sorry, I didnt mean to hijack this thread. It just pains me every time I ride, normally to work, when I see us unaware that we place ourselves in unecessary danger. Even after being knocked off, we’re still unaware that by being a matter off feet further forward/back or left or right could have made the difference.

Do we have/need a new thread or even a new section for Advanced tips/practices? It sounds like there’s an interest…

I don’t think you’ve really hijacked it, the thread has developed from a really sad and negative incident into a discussion that might help others avoid the same fate. There is no disrespect to the rider concerned as all who have responded clearly feel sadness at the rider’s death, but if it prompts more of us to get further training and to learn more that can keep us safe, then a small good has come from a huge bad.

Thoughts with the rider’s family who I’m sure would find some small comfort to think their family member’s death has prompted other bikers to think about improving their riding standards.