Fastest motorbike on YouTube

Of course, this rider is a very naughty boy, but the acceleration this bike has between 100mph and 160mph is absolutely amazing. It seems to take less than 2 seconds - is that possible?

Jesus !

Had a look on Youtube at the comments for that vid, apparently the rear wheel is losing grip hence the apparently out of this world acceleration !

Apparently ZX10R will spin up in 4th gear…Imagine tyre life on them :crazy: :laugh:No way fastest bike on YouTube though…Check out Ghost Rider’s 499 BHP naked Busa…Would leave a maxed out ZX10R standing :crazy:

If you thought that was fast, this is what I call whipped :smiley:

Mama mia!

mam m a mia!!


fast yes, a little crazy maybe, worth putting a man in jail for…I dont think so…

I’ve seen it before - ZX10’s are proper quick but this one happens to be a Turbo conversion if you hadn’t realised ??

No, I hadn’t realised.
The only litre I’ve ridden is my Speed Triple, so that video of the Kawasaki just looks wild.
I have trouble keeping my front wheel down, so I can’t imagine what that bike is like… perhaps another world awaits!

if my new ZX10r dont do more than 189 its going back…airfield only of course…

Dont know about the ZX10, I have heard gingers SV can get to about those speeds…on the M25, while being followed by a copper;)