Fast/quick action throttle

Anyone tried these or has one installed?
I’m finding I’m running out of wrist movement when I get to about 85/90% throttle and someone suggested looking into a quick/fast action throttle set up…
What are the pro’s and con’s?


Definately worth it. The first thing you notice is that it’s like getting a 20bhp increase (depending on the bike), as you’re getting on the gas much harder, earlier, so you ride faster. The downside is that you need to have smooth throttle control for lower speed riding, but it’s not a big issue for most people. One fifth turn is common for most quick-action throttles.

I don’t know about RSVR’s, but with some Suzuki’s, you used to be able to put an R1 throttle body onto them, which was a 1/5th throttle as standard, so a very cheap upgrade. There’s also products out there that can slot into your standard throttle body to make it 1/5th turn, then there’s the proper full on quick-action throttle units by Crescent Suzuki and the like.

My m8 put one on his GSXR600 and glad he did. Well worth it from what he says.

Good idea guys! This weekend I had a lovely ride with jay on his gixxer thou, Rod on a gixxer750 and Ana on a Gixxer600. Mine is a Kawa 636 and it needs to be throttled to the end to keep up with those bigger engines as the kawa gets its punch just after 10000rpm I thought that maybe if I fit the quick action throttle it wouldnt make my job easier ? I’m keen on try it! the bike is not strong at all in low revs so it wouldnt matter how sensitive it will get on low speed… I guess. That’s the way I understood…

You’re right Cezar, it would suit your bike very well. I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for one myself hehe, the rush when you put the thou to the stop is pretty intense. Your bike is bloody fast though, you’ve got some very nice mods on there to help her breath easier, the top-end is more than punchy enough to keep pace! It made me laugh to see Brian wheelie it straight up about ten yards after getting on the bike hehehe…

Nice one chaps… I’ll go have a look over at and see what they can sort me out with. I have big hands and wrists and I actually think this works against me in the trottle department… the bikes f*cking great upt o 85% throttle, but when you prepare ya self properly and move over the throttle for a full turn its the last 10% through 8500 to 10k that makes ya pinch the seat!!

Jay ! I have to confess that when brian pulled away on one whell the only thing that come on my mind was ‘flipping hell! thast’s my baby there’ ! But I wasnt worried at any moment as brian pass me an incredible confidence…Hes bloddy brilliant anyway! Floyd I guess the rsv will have a similar response as its not as nervous as the gixxer thou on lower revs, I mean its somoth.

arr yeah for sure Cezar… the bottom end grunt on the twin is awesome… 2 gears pretty much covers everything! Although mines getting a sprocket/chain change in the next day or so… one down on front to a 15 and two up on back to a 42… my poor rear tire…

I guess it would take some getting used to…but after sometime using one it may give you the throttle control of Rossi! (ok maybe not…) But it will probably give it some finesse when exiting the hairpins on the track.

If you find yourself awkwardly contorting your elbow (or overgripping the grip) in order to give it WOT…it may be of use to you. If you ride a lot in the rain at slow speed on the greasey streets of London, it may not

Apparently it’s a very straightforward mod and you don’t have to buying one of em super spec items.

That’s the item I have for Rod, it’s simple to install, it just doesn’t fit my K5, unfortunately. I’m waiting for their K5 version to come out, as it can make a nice difference on track, getting to WOT. Rod, it’ll make it a 1/5th turn of the clipon as opposed to 1/3rd which it is as standard.

It’s cheap enough that you can just take it out if you don’t get on with it on the road, but it’s unlikely you’ll have a problem, unless you’re particulary cack-handed already, which I don’t think any of us are.

i fitted a q/action throttle to my NC30 gotta say its the mutts nutts, the one i have fitted is a 60 degree one with a nice titanium case, it took me about 2 days to get used to it but now cant imagine life without it! less ache on the wrist due to less movement but not recommended for those with rubbish throttle control… you gotta be sooooo smooth also watch those wheelies they get a bit jerky at first also come up a lot quicker than expected… relearn how to ride your bike before any stunt monkey antics


I love that picture, and the QA throttle. I want one… bugger…

I got one on my racing SV, its great on the track where you need all or nothing type scenarios. Not sure how good it would be on potent bike on slippery wet london streets though. With practice I am sure you would be fine. That pic put up certainly makes it look the dogs danglies.

you sayin my NC isnt potent???

As an owner of an NC30 I can def say that it is not a slow bike by any stretch of the imagination. Round twisties its excellent and it was not bad in and around town either, apart from the tremendous heat it used to produce!

So no, I wasn’t dissing your bike, power delivery is completely usable on an NC30 in just about all conditions, its harder to get it correct on something twitchier such as R1’s, ZX10’s etc where the power comes in at a more considerable rate.

Have I dug myself out of a hole I inadvertantly dug?

No Chuffster, I think you need to post up pictures of your NC30, to redeem yourself

I can post some pics of what it used to look like before it got stolen. Its a bit sorry for itself now where its been smashed and had an attempt to burn it. Was only a commuter but was a good laugh all the same.

How do I post up pics in here by the way?

hehe not yet keep digging


my poor bikes been stolen three times… last time it was stolen they smashed every bit of bodywork an tried to set fire to it

Jesus, you’re lucky to have got it back, three times, Matt! Chuffster, if you go to make a post, there’s an option under the text box to attach files… hit this and then you can upload three images at a time, and they’ll be shown in the post.