Farringdon Area - Keep your eyes Posted!`

Appreciate this doesn’t cover most of you but if it stops one bike getting nicked then I am happy.

Spotted this on another forum I frequent. Matt black scooter with 13 reg (couldn’t see the rest as it was covered in muck) two up. Dark blue tracksuits, white helmets stopping and looking at bike bays in the Farringdon/Clerkenwell area.

Please pass on.

There’s always kids riding around like this unfortunately, but yes, people need to remain vigilant and secure their bikes! Thanks for the heads-up makman.

yer, when I worked on clerkenwell gardens, we caught 2 trying to nick the bikes… Coppers told me they arrested these kids on a weekly basis and it was just an inconvenience to the kids as they will be in a cell for a few hours. slap on the wrist then back out again!

Sounds just like the 2 scrotes eyeing up my bike on Sunday. It was parked on the pavement outside my hairdressers in Maida Vale. I could see the bike from one angle but not beyond it. I was only made aware something was going on when I saw 2 (i assume youths) speed off 2 up on a scooter. Off the curb and straight into the road without looking! Straight after an off duty police officer comes in asking if we know who’s bike it is. Turns out he was at the bus stop with his son when he noticed them pull up on the pavement quite close to my bike (from the side I could not see). The passenger got off, came to look at the bike - went back to his pal, they spoke a bit then back to my bike. They see the cop taking a pic and flip him the bird then walk towards him menacingly. He flashes his warrant card and off they scuttle.

While I’m confident I would have seen them if they tried to get on the bike or wheel it away, if it wasn’t for the off duty cop the best case scenario would have been me chasing them off and the bike being damaged. So be very viligent!

Yeah, really, what happened now? Few days ago FWR was posting on their facebook page their client’s bike beeing watched bu DELIVEROO guys (with pics as well, and in comments sections there were quite a few pople saying they have spotted the same thing in other areas), as well just recently I saw few images of a SYM being nicked at 10am by using an angle grinder to get the chain down and just pushing the bike into a van…

All in all, it is getting really scary to leave the bike out of site lately… Always that weird feeling inside going to where it was parked…

This is a reason why I avoid going to Central on my bike, too many nobs like this. I used to work in Chelsea and on more than one occasion I would see a white van doing rounds at the bike bays, fortunately my office was opposite the one where I parked so could wander out with security whenever it got too dodgy…